Housing Loans


Housing Loans

Housing Loans

Kilkenny County Council provides a number of loan options that will facilitate those who qualify in accessing home ownership. These include: -

  • House Purchase Loan (Annuity Loan)
  • Home Choice Loan
  • Reconstruction Loan (to repair/refurbish or extend an existing dwelling)

Kilkenny County Council can consider loan applications for the purchase or construction of houses situated within its administrative area from persons who have been refused by a Building Society and a Bank (letters of refusal must accompany the application) and who satisfy the eligible requirements.

The following general criteria apply to most loan applicants: -

Persons Entitled to House Purchase loans:

(a) A first time buyer being persons who either individually or jointly have never purchased or built a house. (There are certain exceptions in relation to Divorced or Separated Applicants)
(b) Aged between 18 and 70 years
(c) Earning under €50,000 as a single applicant and under €75,000 as joint applicant, and
(d) In the case of the primary earner on the application, in continuous employment for at least two years (this can be self employment) and the second applicant must have at least one year. (Certain exceptions can be considered)
(e) Persons who have been accepted on the Council's housing list
(f) Local Authority tenants or tenant purchasers who wish to buy a private house and return their present home to the Local Authority.
(g) A tenant, for more than one year of a house provided by a Voluntary Housing Body under the Rental Subsidy Scheme, who wishes to buy a private house and return present home to the Body.

Your are informed that an Irish Credit Bureau search on each applicant will also be undertaken by the Local Authority before loan approval is given in respect of any loan (except an application for Reconstruction Loan).

House Purchase Loan (Annuity Loan)

This loan is normally available to first time buyers who have been refused by a Building Society and a Bank and whose household income in the previous tax year does not exceed €50,000 for a single person or €75,000 for a couple. There are certain exceptions in relation to Divorced or Separated Applicants. The maximum loan amount advanced under this loan is €200,000 or 97% of the value of the house. The current Fixed Interest Rate is 2.25% (first five years of loan) and the current Variable Interest Rate is 2.3%. The repayment period is normally over 15, 25 and 30 years.

House Purchase Application Form.docx (size 118.2 KB)

FAQ Loan Pack.docx (size 15.9 KB)

Sample Loan Repayments.pdf (size 11.2 KB)

Direct Debit Form Loan Pack.pdf (size 19.9 KB)

MPI Scheme 2017.pdf (size 361 KB)

Important Info EEA applicants.docx (size 122 KB)

Reconstruction Loan

Kilkenny County Council may consider applications for loans to persons proposing to execute reconstruction, repair or improvement works on a house for their own occupation. Loans of up to €38,000, over a maximum period of 15 years, may be considered. Generally the following persons may be entitled to apply for this loan: -
(a) Farmers whose rateable valuation does not exceed €56 and persons working on their parents farm, the total rateable valuation of which does not exceed €84
(b) Other persons whose income does not exceed the qualifying limit for a loan e.g. Single income household = €40,000 or Double income household = multiply the gross income (before tax) of the principal earner in the last tax year by 2.5 and add the gross income of the subsidiary (lesser) earner in the last income tax year. If the result is €100,000 or less you are eligible.

Where special hardship would be caused by a strict adherence to the means test, the Council reserve the right to make a loan available to a person outside the prescribed means test.
Further Information and Application Forms are available from the Housing Authority.

Download Application Form:
Reconstruction Loan Application Form.doc (size 291.3 KB)

Private Sites

Kilkenny County Council may from time to time acquire land and develop private sites for sale to individuals for the provision of modest sized houses. These sites are fully serviced by roads, water, sewerage, and public lighting and are priced according to the costs met by Kilkenny County Council in purchasing the land initially and the development and provision of the services. Applicants must satisfy the general following criteria to be eligible to purchase a private site: - be in need of housing accommodation, a First time buyers, an applicant on Local Authority Housing List, a persons who would be eligible for inclusion on Local Authority Housing List, a Local Authority Tenant or Tenant Purchaser and must satisfy income criteria.

There are no sites available under this scheme at this time (November 2011), however for details and locations of any upcoming plans, please consult our webpage on a regular basis or contact the Housing Office directly.

For Further Information on any of the above is available from:

Liz Teehan,
Kilkenny County Council
Housing Section
John's Green House
John's Green

Tel. 056-7794927
Email: liz.teehan@kilkennycoco.ie


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