irl - Free Hazardous Waste Disposal Opportunity for Householders

Dunmore Recycling Centre is hosting a free hazardous waste day for householders on Wednesday, 16th of November between 8am-4.30pm. The idea behind this free day is to encourage householders to stop hoarding potentially dangerous chemicals in their home. It's an opportunity to complete a pre-Christmas clearance of items such as paints, aerosols, waste engine oil, waste cooking oil and oil filters. All types of batteries will be accepted on the day including fence and motor batteries and household electrical items. If the appliance was operated by a plug or battery then bring it along on the 16th of November for safe disposal. Should you have any queries in relation to this event, ring Dunmore Recycling Centre on 056-7767848 or the Environment Section of Kilkenny County Council 056-7794470.


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