City and County Development Plan 2021

Update: 22nd January 2021

An interactive overview of Kilkenny City and Draft Development Plan 2021-2027 has been prepared by the Forward Planning Section of Kilkenny County Council. It is available to view here


Details of upcoming online public consultation events are available here.

Kilkenny County Council Draft Kilkenny City and County Development Plan2021-2027

Section 12 Planning & Development Acts 2000 - 2020

 Notice of the Preparation of the Draft Development Plan for Kilkenny City and County 2021 - 2027

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 12 (1) (b) of the Planning and Development Acts, 2000-2020 that Kilkenny County Council has prepared a Draft City and County Development Plan which will be on public display from 22 December 2020 to 12 March 2021 inclusive.

The Draft Plan is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Report prepared in accordance with the Planning & Development (Strategic Environmental Assessment) Regulations 2004 and an Appropriate Assessment, pursuant to Article 6 (3) and Article 4 of the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC.

The Draft City and County Development Plan, the Strategic Environmental Assessment Report, the Appropriate Assessment Report and the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, will be on PUBLIC DISPLAY and available for public inspection from 22 December 2020 to 12 March 2021 (both dates inclusive) at the following locations:

  • Planning Office, Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny (by appointment only during normal opening hours as per Covid-19 Guidelines)
  • by appointment at the City Library, Johns Quay, Kilkenny and all the branch Libraries in the County during their normal opening hours and subject to Covid -19 restrictions in place at the time.

Observations or submissions regarding the Draft Development Plan and/or Environmental Report and/or Appropriate Assessment are invited from members of the public and other interested parties. You can make an observation or submission via the following options only;

  • Online by registering on where you can then make a submission on the draft chapters, topics and map sheets. You can also submit drawings of any areas relating to your submission on an interactive development plan map, or
  • Online at by following the link on the site, or
  • Via email to ; or
  • In Writing marked “Draft City and County Development Plan" to the Planning Department, Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny R95 A39T.

Observations or submissions must include the full name and address of the person(s) making the submission and where relevant, the body or organisation represented.

Only written submissions or observations with respect to the draft made to the planning authority within the stated period will be taken into consideration before the making of the plan. Submissions or observations in respect of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) report, Appropriate Assessment (AA) report and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) may also be made to the Planning Authority within the period specified and will be taken into consideration.  All submissions and observations must be received before 5pm on 12 March 2021.Late submissions will not be accepted.

Children, or groups or associations representing the interests of children, are invited to make submissions or observations. 

Please note that all submissions will be made available for public viewing on the Council’s consultation website during the plan-making period. Kilkenny County Council will treat all personal data you may give as confidential. We will retain your data for no longer than is necessary for the purpose of this County Development Plan and in accordance with Kilkenny County Council’s Retention Policy and the relevant Data Protection legislation.

Public Consultation Events:

While Kilkenny County Council wishes to ensure that the draft development plan will be informed by public engagement, as a result of Covid 19, new ways of communicating fully with the public and interested parties will be required at this draft plan stage. To this end it is intended to hold a number of FREE public webinars throughout the public consultation period, full details of which will be posted on the Council’s consultation portal and in the local press early in January 2021. Registration for these events will be required. Individuals, groups, organisations or representatives will be invited to discuss any element or issues stemming from the draft City and County Development Plan and to play a part in shaping the final plan. In the interim members of the public are advised to engage with the consultation portal, the draft plan and associated online content, which are specifically designed to facilitate the easy making of submissions.

Sean McKeown,

Director of Services,

Planning Department

Kilkenny County Council


Update: 1st May 2020

It is the intention of Kilkenny County Council to, on the 11th of May 2020, re-commence the review process of both the existing Kilkenny County Development Plan 2014-2020 and the Kilkenny City and Environs Development Plan 2014-2020 and to prepare a single, consolidated County Development Plan for the period 2021-2027 to replace both the previous County and City and Environs Development Plans.

The next step in the process is the preparation of a draft plan, which, once completed, will be published for public comment in the third quarter (Q3) of 2020. Information on the review to date and the plan's progress is available on our dedicated Development Plan Review website To keep up to date with the review, please register your interest at

The preparation of a new development plan shall be strategic in nature for the purposes of developing objectives and policies to deliver an overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the area of the development plan and the core strategy.
If you have any queries in relation to this process, please contact the Planning Department by phone at 056 7794010 or by email at


Sean McKeown, Director of Services.

Archive material:

The review process for the preparation of the new Development Plan commenced on the 20th April 2018. In accordance with Section 11(1)(b)(ii) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended), Kilkenny County Council suspended the review of the Kilkenny City & County Development Plan with effect from the 23rd of November 2018, pending the making of the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the Southern Region by the Regional Assembly. The Members of the Regional Assembly approved the RSES to be made on 31st of January 2020.

The process will resume shortly, at the stage it was at prior to suspension. The exact date to recommence is yet to be confirmed, however a Draft City & County Development Plan will be put on public display in Q3 2020, and submissions will be invited at that stage. Details of the review to date are available on our dedicated Development Plan website: and to keep up to date with the review, register your interest at We will issue alerts to all registered users with any updates.

If you have any queries in relation to this process please contact the Planning Department by phone at 056 7794010 or by email at

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