Online Services and Pin Numbers

Find information here on how to get a PIN number or retrieve a mislaid PIN online.

P.I.N. Numbers and P.I.N. Retrieval

Pin Numbers are not available from your Motor Tax Office

Your Tax Renewal with PIN is either Posted or Emailed, (to the most recent email address provided online by YOU) directly from the Dept. of Transport in Shannon.

To retrieve a mislaid PIN go to PIN Retrieval link on the home page. You will get a new PIN by email.

When seeking a new PIN you must ensure you complete the registered owner name and address EXACTLY as it appears on your vehicle's Registration Certificate.

N.B. The PIN Retrieval function will not work to retrieve PIN's for vehicles that are currently declared off the road, or where a vehicles Certificate of Roadworthiness has expired (where applicable)

*Vehicles may be taxed online at by using the last six digits of the Vehicle Registration Certificate Number as the PIN Number.
This number beginning with the letter C appears at the top right hand corner of the front of the Vehicle Registration Certificate*

Queries relating to Online Motor Taxation should be directed to the Online Section of the Dept. of Transport on 0818 411 412 (Please note that this is a premium rate number)


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