Public Service Vehicles

Fine information here on the taxation of buses, taxis, hackneys. Forms can be downloaded.

Public Service Vehicles - PSV's

Public Service Vehicles are vehicles that carry passengers for hire or reward, and are separated into two categories:

-Large Public Service Vehicle - LPSV (Vehicle capable of carrying more that 8 passengers - Buses)

-Small Public Service Vehicle - SPSV (Vehicles capable of carrying 8 passengers or less only - Taxi's, Hackney's and Limousines)

In order to operate a vehicle as a PSV there are two types of licence required:
-The driver must hold a PSV Drivers Licence - 'the driver's badge'
-The vehicle must be registered as a PSV and hold a PSV Vehicle Licence

PSV Driver and Vehicle licences are regulated by the National Transport Authority. For information on requirements and application process for these, please see

To tax a Public Service Vehicle, a valid PSV Vehicle Licence must be submitted EVERY time an application is made.

To Tax a PSV you will need:
-RF100A Download Motor Tax Renewal Form or RF100B
-PSV Licence
-Insurance Certificate showing Public Service Vehicle under the limitations of use.
-Appropriate Fee

Current CRW for imported vehicles over 1 year old

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