Kilkenny County Council plays a significant role in promoting and developing tourism in Kilkenny. The council is responsible for developing and implementing policies and initiatives that enhance the visitor experience to our county and promote the county as a world class tourism destination.


Kilkenny County Council has always taken a holistic approach to the development of the city and county and considered the benefits to our local communities, our investors and our visitors.

Some of the principal activities undertaken by the council in pursuit of these objectives include:


  1. Destination Marketing: Kilkenny County Council supports Kilkenny Tourism in various marketing and promotional activities to attract visitors to Kilkenny. This includes advertising campaigns, social media, website development, and content creation. The council also works closely with local tourism businesses to promote the county and its attractions.
  2. Destination Management: The council is responsible for managing the tourism sector locally in Kilkenny. This involves developing and implementing priorities and objectives for sustainable tourism development in the county. The councils strategy for Tourism Development 2023-2028 outlines these priorities, projects and objectives.
  3. Infrastructure Development: Kilkenny County Council is responsible for the development and maintenance of tourism infrastructure in the county. This includes the provision of tourist information, wayfinding and orientation services, the maintenance and enhancement of Public Realm, the development of tourist trails and amenities, and the improvement of transport links and parking facilities.
  4. Partnership working: The council works closely with local tourism businesses, community groups, and tourism organizations to develop and implement initiatives that enhance the visitor experience and promote Kilkenny as a destination. The council also works in partnership with the national tourism agency, Fáilte Ireland, to deliver capital investment projects of national significance. Kilkennys Destination Experience Development plan outlines these projects for the coming years.  
  5. Festival and Event Support: Kilkenny County Council supports and promotes a range of festivals and events throughout the year, including the Kilkenny Arts Festival, the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, and the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival. The council provides funding, logistical support, and promotional assistance to ensure the success of these events and the enhancement of Kilkennys reputation as a year round destination for visitors.

For further information please contact Martina Comerford, Tourism Officer, Kilkenny County Council, John Street, Kilkenny @ 056 7794011


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