Civil Defence

Civil Defence is a voluntary based support to the primary response agencies, namely An Gardaí Síochána, Health Service Executive, Fire and Rescue and the Local Authority.

We employ a Civil Defence Officer and an Assistant Civil Defence Officer to manage the Kilkenny unit. They have responsibility for health and safety, equipment procurement, servicing and maintenance of the fleet of vehicles as well as duty requests, call outs and community assistance request.

Our five core areas are: Search and Rescue, Medical Response, Emergency Response, Community Assistance and Radiation Monitoring.

We currently have 45 volunteers trained in all areas such as First aid, Swift water, Radiation monitoring, Power boat, Communications, Sonar, Mapping systems, flooding response, Search and Rescue to name a few.

Further information or to enquire about joining please visit:

Telephone:  (087) 1961760

Civi Defence Photo Montage - Ambulance in field, moving a semi-rigid boat, the boat on the river, a search party

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