Housing Assistance Payment (HAP)

Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) is a financial support to assist those renting privately and who are eligible for social housing support. Local authorities make a monthly rental payment on behalf of the tenant to the landlord, subject to terms and conditions, including the rent limits below. In return, the HAP tenant pays a weekly contribution towards the rent to the local authority. The weekly rent contribution is based on the household’s income. It is calculated in the same way as the rent paid by a tenant of a local authority-owned property. This must be paid in order to remain eligible for HAP.

Local authorities have limited flexibility to go above HAP rent limits in some cases. Where the monthly rent agreed upon with your landlord exceeds the maximum HAP rate payable by your local authority, you must pay the difference directly to your landlord. However, local authorities have a responsibility to ensure that tenancies are sustainable and cannot provide HAP support where a household is not able to meet the rental costs being sought.

The ‘landlord and tenant’ relationship is between the landlord and the HAP tenant. As with any other private rented tenancy, the tenancy will be governed by the terms of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 (as amended). This means that the HAP tenant is the tenant of the landlord and is not a tenant of the local authority.

  • Applicants for HAP must be on their local authority’s housing waiting list before they can apply for HAP. If you wish to apply for HAP and are not on your housing authority’s waiting list, you must submit a Social Housing support application form for assessment.
  • If you are already on your local authority’s housing list and are not currently in a form of social housing, you will be eligible to apply for HAP. However,if your household members or circumstances have changed since you were placed on the list, your eligibility for social housing support must be reviewed before you apply for HAP.
  • If you wish to apply for HAP, you must source your own private rented accommodation that is within the rent limits below and suitable to your household needs.

You are advised to contact the HAP Section on 056 779 4989 or email hap@kilkennycoco.ie in advance of commencing a tenancy for which you wish to seek HAP support.

Further information for the tenant and landlord on the HAP Scheme is available at www.hap.ie.


Monthly Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Rent Limits County Kilkenny 

Family Size

Single Shared AccommodationCouple Shared AccommodationSingleCouple with no childrenCouple/lone parent one childCouple/lone parent two childrenCouple/lone parent three or more children


Existing HAP Tenants.

How do I check my HAP account balance?

You can check your balance online on the HAP App (you will need your HAP Recipient ID No. and PIN).

How do I contact the HAP Shared Service Centre?

You can phone or email the HAP SSC by selecting Contact Us in the HAP App or you can phone us at (061) 556 600 or you can email us at: hapcollections@limerick.ie

Where can I get help if I have money problems?

You can contact the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS). MABS is a free, confidential and independent advice service for people with money problems. You can phone MABS at (0818) 072 000 or you can find more information on their website: www.mabs.ie

If there is exceptional need there may be assistance available to you from the Department of Social Protection.

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