Kilkenny County Council on Target to Deliver 185 New Social Homes This Year

Housing Focus Campaign - Press Release 1 - On Target

  • During 2018 Kilkenny County Council will deliver 185 new housing units to become homes for families and individuals currently on our housing waiting list.
  • Kilkenny County Council's housing delivery progamme, delivered in partnership with Approved Housing Bodies, has built or acquired 205 new housing units over the past two years.
  • 312 individuals and families have moved into social housing in the past two years.
  • Kilkenny County Council has more than 450 housing units under construction and at planning and procurement in preparation for the construction stage

Kilkenny County Council, in partnership with the voluntary sector, will provide 105 newly built social housing units by the end of this year. Kilkenny County Council's social housing building programme currently has 220 units under construction, with a further 240 in the process of getting to building stage via planning and procurement. Developments include 38 houses at Bolton, Callan, 54 at Ballybought Street, Kilkenny and 18 at Piltown.

These new homes together with an additional 80 targeted for acquisition and lease, by the Council and its partners, will add a total of 185 new houses to the social housing stock in the local authority area by the end of this year. Delivering these homes means that Kilkenny County Council will again exceed the Council's target under the Rebuilding Ireland plan.

Kilkenny County Council is running a week-long information campaign to highlight the ongoing work of the Council to provide social housing solutions and supports and to facilitate increased building in the public and private sector.

Speaking at the Housing Department at Kilkenny County Council today, Mary Mulholland, Director of Services, said "We are delivering housing in Kilkenny. We are adding to the stock we have available for social housing by delivering new units, and by acquiring or leasing existing units. In the last 2 years Kilkenny County Council has added 116 homes to its housing stock available for use as public housing."

During 2016 and 2017 Kilkenny County Council allocated 312 homes to individuals and families around the county and expect to allocate a further 200 tenancies during 2018. As well as new social housing tenancies Kilkenny County Council is providing homeless services and housing support and advice to hundreds of families over the past number of years. Additional staff and resources is now in place to ensure that the right supports can be provided to people presenting with housing difficulties, when they need it.

Kilkenny County Council wants to assure people living in Kilkenny that it is working to provide housing solutions. We want to make people aware of the actions that the local authority is taking to provide real housing solutions and we want to alert people to the various ways in which we are working to build new housing and to bring vacant housing back to life.

Mary Mulholland said "We are building social housing units, we are supporting approved housing bodies in the voluntary sector to build and we are facilitating and actively stimulating building in the private sector. There are 31 planning applications for new multi-unit residential build developments currently in place in the county with 913 of those permitted units in Kilkenny City and 197 throughout the rest of the county. With the support of the local infrastructure housing activation fund (LIHAF) we are in the process of providing the supporting infrastructure required to open up new lands at Kilkenny's Western Environs for private residential development."
"We have to tackle the housing supply situation and we have to tackle it in the right way to deliver the right housing solutions in the right places for the people who need them. That means careful planning, working with communities to ensure sustainability, design that will last the test of time and meet the needs of occupants

Mary J Mulholland, Director of Services, KCC
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