Decade of Centenaries programme

The Decade of Centenaries programme commenced in 2012 and focused initially on the many significant centenaries occurring over the period 2012-2016. It complements the on-going programme of annual State commemorations, with special centenary commemorative events on the anniversaries of key historical events.
This programme is broad and inclusive, highlighting the economic and social conditions of the period, the shifts in cultural norms and the experience of the Irish abroad. It also provides opportunities to focus on the daily experience of ordinary people living in extraordinary times, as well as on the leaders and key figures in these events.
The Decade of Centenaries Commemoration in Kilkenny is led by Kilkenny's Creative Ireland Team and the involvement of the community is an important aspect of our work.
As part of the commemorations for 2019, Kilkenny Library Service is delighted to host its 2019 Decade of Commemoration public autumn lecture series. While building on and complementing the National Commemoration Programme these lectures will also focus on what was happening in our county at this time.
The programme also includes information on lecture series facilitated by the Home Rule Club in Kilkenny and the South Kilkenny Historical Society Lecture Events.
You can download details of the lecture series by clicking link below:

Decade of Centenaries programme.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

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