Hebron Road Urban Design Strategy Public Consultation Meeting

Hebron Road Urban Design Strategy Public Consultation Meeting

It is an objective of the Kilkenny City and Environs Development Plan 2014 - 2020, to prepare an Urban Design Framework Strategy for Hebron Road, one of the City's key approach routes. Work on this Strategy has now begun and you are invited to make your contribution to the planning of the future of the Hebron Road area. The strategy will first look at the essential strengths and weaknesses of the Hebron Road area. Learning from these and best practice, the strategy will seek to develop a robust spatial framework and a set of guidelines to guide the future development and enhancement of the Hebron Road area.

The Strategy will address in particular, improvements to the road and public spaces and the development of key areas and sites on Hebron Road.

To assist in the preparation of this Urban Design Strategy, a public consultation meeting will be held in Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny on Wednesday 1st of February 2017 at 7.30p.m.

In addition to this public consultation meeting you can make a submission or observation regarding the Urban Design Strategy from now until 5 pm on Friday 17th February 2017.

Submissions can be made online at consult.kilkenny.ie

- by email to ourplan@kilkennycoco.ie, or
- in writing, to the Director of Services, Planning, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny, or
- online at consult.kilkenny.ie
Please note all submissions will be made available for public viewing on our website.

Residents and all interested parties are invited to take part in this consultation process.


For further information, contact the Forward Planning Department at 056 7794037 or email Deirdre.breen@kilkennycoco.ie

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