School Year Fire Safety Talks

Tuesday 5th AUGUST 2008





The end of the primary school year has arrived, Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service is pleased to announce that they have presented fire safety awareness lessons to over 1,000 students, primarily third-class, in 36 primary schools throughout Kilkenny City & County. The lessons form part of a nationwide programme entitled‘Safety Team’ which has been designed to enhance the level of awareness of Fire Safety in the Home.  Fire-fighters from all seven fire brigades in Kilkenny City & County delivered the talks to the schools. 

“On average every year in Ireland, 46 people die (6 of those under the age of 14) from fire in the home and over 1,000 people attend hospitals with burns/scalds”, stated a senior fire officer. “The ‘Safety Team’ programme has been specially designed for children. Research has shown that the age at which a child receives a fire safety education is important.  Children aged 8 or 9 years old, third class students, were identified as being more open to messages of fire safety and were also noted to be more willing to interact with their parents”.

The programme was delivered to primary schools throughout Kilkenny City & County. “Every child who attended was presented with a copy of the ‘Safety Team’ pack.  The pack gets the fire safety message across in a fun and effective way and includes various fire safety advice, stickers, games and home checks. The school children as part of their homework were encouraged to interact with their families on the elements of the programme”.  Based on information that the teachers returned to the Fire Service Headquarters after the schools lesson, Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service is able to conclude that approx. 1,000 children completed a home fire safety check sheet with their parents/guardians.
“It is about educating the children so that they in turn educate their families, making the child the ambassadors of Fire Safety in the Home.  A knock-on ripple effect from the Fire Safety lessons should also occur as the children spread their new found knowledge to other family members and friends”, a senior fire officer concluded.  The primary schools fire safety programme will re-commence in September at the start of the new primary school year, 2008/09. 


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