Notice of Intention to Temporarily Close Roads in the Municipal District of Piltown 2019

Kilkenny County Council


Section 75 of the Roads Act, 1993




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the intention of Kilkenny County Council to close to public traffic the following public roads in the Municipal District of Piltown for the purpose of carrying out road works during the period 15th April, 2019 to 29th November, 2019.


Local residents will be notified in advance of road closures.


Local diversions will be in place and local access will be provided.


Roads will be closed for the duration of works only.


Road No.Location
LS7473Clover Road, Christendom
LP3405Dunkitt / Strangsmills
LS7515Aylwardstown, Glenmore
LS7519Rochestown, Glenmore
LP3406Kiln Road, Slieverue
LS7429Arderra to Kilcraggin
LS7409Rochestown, Mullinavat
LS7409Rochestown to Molum
LS7433Grannyknock, Grannagh
LS7439Corluddy, Carrigeen, Mooncoin
LP1039Tower Road, Piltown
LP3402Dangan Cross to Laceys Cross, Kilmacow
LS5094Nolans, The Bridge, Garryduff, Piltown
LS8259Knockmoylan, Mullinavat
R701Newmarket / Aghaviller
LS8263Coadys Cross to Catstown, Hugginstown
LS5090Hill Road, Kilmaganny
LP3425Moulerstown, Glenmore,
LP3425Ballyeden, Glenmore
LS7517Newtown Lane, Glenmore
LS7485Tullagher to Brownsford
LS7452Glenpipe, Tullagher
LS7468Davidstown to Ardbeg, Slieverue
LP3415Murtaghstown to Ballinlaw, Glenmore
LS7522Ballinclare, Glenmore
LS74532Dungooley, Mooncoin
LS7557Portnascully, Mooncoin
LS7440Aglish, Mooncoin
R698The Sweep to Piltown
LS7431Waddingstown, Mooncoin
LP3436Gormans Cross to Coadys Cross, Hugginstown
LP1037Redacres, Mullinavat
LS8259Kilkeasy, Mullinavat
LP3421Ballyconnaught to Listerlin
LP3424Ballyquin, Mullinavat
LS7497Rosbercon, New Ross
LP3420Listerlin to Ballyfacey, Glenmore



Submissions or observations should be made in writing to the undersigned at Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny by 5pm on Monday, 1st April, 2019.


Tim Butler,

Director of Services,

Corporate & Infrastructure.

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