*** Hot Weather Advice from the HSE ***

HSE - Hot Weather Advice
The HSE is providing advice to the public following the alert from Met Éireann indicating that temperatures will hit 27 degrees Celsius+ again in the coming days. These temperatures can have a significant effect on people's health, if they last for at least two days and the night in between.
During a hot spell those with heart, respiratory and serious health problems are more at risk of potentially adverse effects of very warm weather, while babies and young children are also especially at risk.
While the heat can affect anyone, the following are most at risk of serious harm:
Older people, especially those over 75.
Babies and young children.
People with serious mental health problems.
People on certain medication.
People with a serious chronic condition, particularly breathing or heart problems.
People who already have a high temperature from an infection.
People who misuse alcohol or take illicit drugs.
People with mobility problems.
People who are physically active, like manual workers and athletes.

Read some essential advice on safely managing the hot weather on the HSE Website





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