Proposed Declaration of a Road to be a Public Road at Clonconey, Piltown

Kilkenny County Council

Section 11 of the Roads Act, 1993


Kilkenny County Council, having its offices at County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny and being the Road Authority for the County of Kilkenny, proposes to consider the making of a declaration that the road set out hereunder shall be a public road;

The road at Clonconey Lane, Clonconey, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny with a total length of 103m connecting to the LP3400.

A map outlining the said road is available for inspection at the following offices of Kilkenny County Council:

- County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny.
- Area Office, Ferrybank Shopping Centre, Ferrybank, via Waterford, Co. Kilkenny.

The map may be inspected at these offices during normal office hours (9:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday inclusive, except for public holidays) in the period from Friday 17th February, 2017 to Monday 20th March, 2017.

Observations and representations on the proposal to make the declaration may be made in writing and shall be received not later than 5:00pm on Monday 20th March 2017.

Observations/Representations shall be addressed to Tim Butler, Director of Services, Corporate & Infrastructure, Kilkenny County Council, County Call, John Street, Kilkenny.

Tim Butler,
Director of Services,
Corporate & Infrastructure


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