Welcome to the Townland's GIS Application

The following is the initial data compiled from the Townlands Project and is subject to revision

As part of the Townlands Project, a list of field names was recorded from the following townlands;
Tullabrin, Agha, Carrigeen, Johnswell, Mount Nugent Lower, Mount Nugent Upper, Knocknacuppoge, Coolbricken, Sandfordscourt. In some instances, fields extended out of these townlands and into the adjacent townlands of Kilkieran, Knockshanbally, Cramersgrove and Revanagh.  

To access information on the field names in these townlands;

  1. Locate on the map the townland you require information on.
  2. Using the scale on the left hand side of the screen, position the cursor on the + icon of the scale. Click until the required scale of the field has been reached. 
  3. Once zoomed in, the map may be moved in any direction by positioning the cursor over the arrows (in the circular globe) and clicking. This is located in the top left hand corner of the screen.
  4. The fields are identified by the red dot. Position the cursor over this red point and when a small hand with pointed finger appears, click. A text box with information about that particular field will then appear on the map.