Kilkenny County Council asks voluntary Litter Pickers to Take A Break

Due to the Covid 19 virus, Kilkenny County Council is advising the public to cease litter picking until the crisis passes. There are numerous volunteers that participate in litter picks and Kilkenny County Council would ask for your own safety to take a break, as roadside litter may potentially be infected and we all have a role to play to flatten the curve.

We ask everyone to play their part and dispose of your litter responsibility, as in recent weeks there has been an increase of disposable gloves littering our streets. While it's important to protect ourselves against the virus, please dispose of these protective items responsibly, in a bin at the premises they originate from or dispose them in your own bin when you reach home. In the case of someone who is self-isolating as per HSE advice, they should put all personal waste, including used tissues, masks and all cleaning waste in a plastic rubbish bag. Tie the bag when it is almost full. Place the plastic bag in a second bin bag and tie the bag. Leave the bag somewhere safe. The bags should be left for 3 days before collection.

Kilkenny County Council wishes to thank the many voluntary groups, businesses, schools and individuals that work so hard to keep our county tidy, and hopefully we will continue this work later in 2020.

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