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All companies with an annual turnover of €1.27m or more, and who place more than 25 tonnes of packaging waste on the market per annum, are obliged to either join a compliance scheme under the 1997 Packaging Regulations, or self-comply. Repak Ltd. is the only compliance scheme for packaging waste in the Republic of Ireland and can be contacted at 01-4760190 or at Companies wishing to self-comply should read the guidance note below, and complete the application form for Kilkenny County Council. Further information about the Packaging Regulations can be obtained from the Environment Section,
Kilkenny County Council at 056-7794470


Kilkenny County Council

Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 1997
Application for Registration under Article 6 (2)

Guidance Notes
These notes are intended for guidance only and should be read in conjunction with the Waste Management Act 1996 and the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 1997, [S.I. No. 242 of 1997].

  • A major producer is one who annually places more than 25 tonnes of packaging, packaging materials or packaged goods on the Irish market (not including packaging destined for reuse) AND has an annual turnover of more than €1,270,000.
  • If you are a "major producer", then you must either join REPAK or undertake "individual compliance" with certain conditions to be fulfilled.
  • If "opting for individual compliance", a major producer must apply to Kilkenny County Council for registration under Article 6 of the Regulations.
  • Packaging means any material, container or wrapping, used for the containment, transport, handling, protection, promotion, marketing or sale of a product. This includes for example, bottles, cans, boxes, shrink-wrap, strapping, pallets, liners, fillers and raw materials such as polystyrene beads.
  • Packaging destined for re-use means packaging which has been conceived and designed to accomplish within its life cycle, a minimum of 2 trips or rotations i.e. packaging which has been used in its original form more than once e.g. milk bottles, cardboard boxes etc. which have been returned and re-filled/re-packed.
  • Packaging received means all packaging and packaging material (primary, secondary and tertiary) received onto the premises, including imported packaging material and packaging associated with imported goods.
  • Packaging supplied means all packaging, packaging material and packaged goods (primary, secondary and tertiary) supplied at and/or from the premises named above in section 4. "Supply" in relation to packaging material, packaging and packaged products includes, in the course of business, to provide in exchange for any consideration other than money and to give as a prize or otherwise make a gift.
  • Specified categories in relation to packaging waste means glass, aluminium, steel, paper and fibreboard, wood and textiles, or such categories as may be specified by the Minister from time to time

Applicants should note the following :

An application is required in respect of each supplying premises and must be made to the Local Authority in whose functional area the premises is located.
The application form must be completed in full for purposes of registration.
An application must be accompanied by a fee equivalent to €6.35 per tonne of packaging supplied annually from the relevant premises, subject to a minimum of €254 and a maximum of €1270.
Each application must be accompanied by a Plan, specifying the steps to be taken by the applicant in order to comply with the requirements of the Regulations. This Plan may relate to the overall activities of the Major Producer concerned within the relevant functional area.
Each application must be accompanied by the text of the public notice affixed at the premises in compliance with Article 8(1).

With regard to the Plan referred to above and in Article 8 of the regulations, the following information is required:

  • Details of the facilities for the acceptance, segregation and storage of packaging waste which have been provided at each premises.
  • Details of the notices fixed and maintained.
  • A floor plan showing clearly the location of the facilities and notices concerned.
  • Details of compliance with obligations regarding packaging waste not used in the supply of products but arising on the producer's premises.

With regard to the Notice referred to above and in Article 5(1) of the regulations, the following must be stated:

Waste Management Act, 1996
We are required to accept on these premises, free of charge, for the purposes of recovery, packaging waste arising from products, packaging or packaging material of a type or brand sold or otherwise supplied on these premises. The products or packaging need not necessarily be purchases from [name of producer].

Following registration, a major producer has legal obligations to compile, maintain and submit a monthly summary of the following information:

  • The weight of packaging and packaging material received and supplied in each of the specified categories.
  • The weight of packaging waste accepted or collected, in each of the specified categories.
  • The name and address of any producer who accepts the transfer of packaging waste from the producer concerned, and the weight of such waste so accepted by each producer.
  • The weight of packaging waste - (a) recovered by or on behalf of the producer, and/or (b) accepted by each recovery operator - in each of the specified categories.
  • The weight of packaging waste disposed of or consigned for disposal by the producer in each of the specified categories and the nature of the disposal operations involved.

In addition, it is the responsibility of a major producer to retain such records as are necessary to verify the accuracy of the above information.

In accordance with the Regulations, all information received as part of an application for registration is available for public inspection at The Environment Section of Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny or for downloadhere (Microsoft Word Document 144Kb)

Major producers shall apply for renewal of registration not later than the 31st of January each year following initial registration in accordance with Article 6(1)(b) of the regulations; the form for renewal is available from Kilkenny County Council.

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