General Housing Services

General Housing Enquiries manages the following housing services

Housing repairs/Maintenance
Registration of landlords
Housing waiting list
Construction programme
Rent enquiries (everything from setting rent to collecting rent to rent payment)
Extensions programme

Housing Accommodation and Transfer Application Form (PDF Format)

Housing Repairs and Maintenance

Kilkenny County Council provides in excess of 1200 dwellings throughout Co. Kilkenny. There is often confusion about who is responsible for maintenance and repairs.In its role as "Landlord", Kilkenny County Council is responsible for many repairs but IS NOT responsible for ALL repairs.The County Council is responsible for most structural repairs and repairs due to fair wear and tear. For further information regarding repairs/maintenance of your dwelling, you can contact the Housing Department or your local Area Office directly.
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Registration of Landlords

Houses including apartments, flats, maisonettes, etc. but not mobile homes or caravans, let for rent or "other valuable consideration", must be registered with Kilkenny County Council under the Housing (Registration of Rented Houses) Regulations 1996. For further information and application form, please contact us directly.
Tel. 056-52699 Ext. 119.
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Housing Waiting List

Kilkenny County Council receives on average 800 applications for housing assistance each year. Each application is assessed individually and consideration can then be given as to the most appropriate form of assistance to be provided in each case. Assistance is normally provided in the way of local authority house, housing loan, Disabled Persons Grants, etc.A review of the waiting list is carried out every 3 years (Assessment of Housing Need).
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Construction programme

Kilkenny County Council receives approval from the Department of the Environment for the construction/acquisition of on average 60 dwellings each year. When designing our construction programme, consideration is given to the demand for housing within an area and the availability of land. (Back to top)

Rent Enquiries

As a tenant of Kilkenny County Council, your weekly rent is assessed each year according to the total family income of your household. The incomes of every person in your dwelling must be disclosed and the rent is then assessed in accordance with the Differential Rent Scheme. This scheme is income related and as such means that if your income goes up then the rent goes up, if it goes down, the rent goes down accordingly. If at any stage, your household income changes, you should notify the Housing Department in order to have your rent reassessed. The Council accept payment of rent by any of the following methods: -1. Payment to Revenue Collector, 2. Payment in County Council Receipts Office (open from 9:00a.m. to 12:00 and from 2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.), 3. Deduction from weekly pay (if employer agrees), 4. An Post Family Budget Scheme, 5. An Post Transcash System, 6. Direct Debit/Standing Order through a Bank Account.
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Extensions Programme

Kilkenny County Council carries out a small number of extensions each year to local authority houses. The most common forms of extension requested are bedroom or bathroom extensions. The work is carried out in most cases to alleviate overcrowding or to bring the dwelling up to a suitable standard. To qualify applicants must put their request in writing stating why they need such an extension. This request is referred to the Environmental Health Officer for their report and to determine the priority of the works required. It also must be examined from a technical point of view to determine if it is possible to carry out such works.
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