Notice to Householders in O'Loughlin Road - Measures to Cean Up Public Roadway

Dear Householder,

In the aftermath of yesterday's severe storm Kilkenny Borough Council wishes to advise you of the measures to be taken to clean up the public roadway and to make the area safe.

  1. Residents should not be unduly concerned about the presence of asbestos cement sheeting in the neighbourhood of O'Loughlin Road. The Health Services Executive advises that long term health effects from a single exposure to asbestos are judged to be very low.
  2. Kilkenny GAA have retained the services of a competent contractor to remove asbestos sheeting and fragments from the public road and private gardens. This work will commence straight away under the oversight of the Environmental Department of Kilkenny County Council and with guidance from the Health Services Executive and public health specialists.
  3. Monitoring of air quality is in place as a public health precaution. Air Quality analysis will be carried out on a frequent basis throughout the day and results will be made known to residents as soon as possible.
  4. Traffic restrictions currently in place will remain for the rest of today and tomorrow Friday 14th February.
  5. Residents or visitors to the O' Loughlin Road area should not touch any fragments of asbestos. The clean up will be carried out by a specialist contractor.
  6. Work on the removal of asbestos and making safe the old stand at Nowlan Park is now being treated as a matter of extreme priority by Kilkenny GAA and the Local Emergency Services. Efforts to stabilize the roof and secure it in advance of Friday's predicted storm will be underway as soon as the road is cleared.

John Mulholland
Director of Transportation and Emergency Services.
Kilkenny Borough Council. 13/02/2014....1.15pm

For further information on this issue please contact Kilkenny Co Council Environment Department at 056 7794470 or 1890252654 outside of office hours.

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