Satellite Dish Installation - Planning Information

Installed or installing a satellite dish?

Kilkenny Borough Council would ask you to be aware of the following:

planning guidelines regarding statellite dish installation

Planning Permission is required for Satellite Dishes to the rear and side in the following circumstances:
1. Exceeding 1 meter diameter
2. If more than one dish
3. On the front roof slope of a house
4. Higher than the highest part of the roof of a house
5. When the house is a Protected Structure or a Proposed Protected Structure
6. If a planning condition specifies same.
7. If the building is located in an Architectural Conservation Area

Please be aware if your current or new satellite dish does not comply with the above, Kilkenny Borough Council can commence Planning Enforcement proceedings.

Please contact your service provider if your satellite dish does not comply with the above.

If you would like any further information, please contact Planning Department, Kilkenny Borough Council at 056 7794534 or

This document has been compiled for guidance purposes only. It is not a legal document and has no legal status.

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