CYCLE RIGHT – the National Standard for Cycle Training in Ireland

CYCLE RIGHT, the National Standard for Cycle Training in Ireland is a modular cyclist road safety training course designed to give cyclists the knowledge and skills to move safely through the road system, an environment shared with other road users.

CYCLE RIGHT is delivered over three stages with participants gaining skills and knowledge on a phased basis which prepares the individual to cycle in increasingly complex road scenarios. Ideally, individual sessions in each stage should be delivered at intervals (weekly) to allow sufficient time for practice in between. At Stage One, minimum delivery permissible is four x two-hour sessions at weekly intervals.

As participants move through the stages of training, they take greater levels of responsibility for their own journey;

  • At Stage One (8 hours), based at an off-road location trainees undertake instructor-directed bicycle and road skills training, mixed with theoretical and Rules of the Road instruction
  • At Stage One on-road training, trainees take part in instructor-led cycles, guided and directed on correct positioning and decision-making on the road
  • At Stage Two (3 hours), trainees move to take an active role with regard to the journey and decision-making in an instructor-facilitated environment
  • By Stage Three (3 hours), trainees take the lead role on the journey, planning the route and making active decisions with regard to positioning and interaction with traffic in a complex environment. At this stage the instructor occupies an accompanying role.

Throughout the stages of training, participants are encouraged increasingly to apply dynamic thinking, assessing conditions and the environment on the road as they go through the journey and through dynamic risk assessment and dynamic application, trainees gain the knowledge and skills needed to move as cyclists in complex, changing, road environments.

Trainer training and registration and on-going internal and external monitoring are part of a quality assurance framework designed to ensure best practice cycle training is delivered in keeping with the standard of CYCLE RIGHT, the National Standard.


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