Kilkenny County Council Corporate Plan 2014-2019

The Council after its election in June 2014 adopted its Corporate Plan 2014-2019. Copy of the Corporate Plan is available here:  

  • Service Delivery Plans

The Council is obliged to adopt a Service Delivery Plan, under Section 134A of the Local Government Act 2001 each year.

The Councils Service Delivery Plan is required to

  • identify the principal services to be provided by the Council to the public,
  • be consistent with the adopted budget for the year and the Corporate Plan 2014-2019,
  • outline objectives & priorities for the delivery of each service,
  • outline performance standards and the manner as to how performance will be assessed,
  • take account of any service level agreement,
  • take into account any strategy, any plan or policy already adopted by Council and
  • address certain matters that may be notified by the National Oversight & Audit Commission (NOAC) as regards performance standards.

The Plan is based on the objectives and strategies outlined in the Corporate Plan, in each of the Service Areas, and sets out the actions which the Council intends to take in any year so as to meet its commitments to its customers under its numerous policies, plans and programmes.

A comprehensive work programme is planned to be undertaken each year through a variety of service delivery mechanisms, including:

  • direct service provision for the most part,
  • by contract,
  • through shared services in co-operation and in partnership with different agencies,
  • through service level agreements such as those with Enterprise Ireland and
  • indirectly through the various grant & assistance schemes to community & other groups.

Progress in implementing the Service Delivery Plans will be monitored by each Director of Services and their teams on a regular basis and relevant significant matters will be reported on, as appropriate, in the regular Chief Executive Reports to the Elected Council.

There is a legal obligation also to include in the Council's Annual Report, an assessment of the Council’s delivery of services during the year when compared with the Service Delivery Plan.

The 2016 Service Delivery Plan was adopted by the Elected Council on Monday 16th May 2016. The Adopted Service Delivery Plan for 2016 is available here and its associated press release is available here.

The 2017 Service Delivery Plan was adopted by the Elected Council on Monday 15th May 2017. The Adopted Service Delivery Plan for 2017 is available here and its associated press release is available here.

Kilkenny County & Borough Councils Joint Irish Language Scheme 2013 - 2016 is available here.

E-mail address: for people who wish to communicate directly in Irish with Kilkenny County Council.

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