Are You Registered to Vote?

You can check the register to vote on to see if you are registered to vote and that your details are correct.

You Cannot Vote if You Are Not Registered

The Draft Register of Electors is now being compiled for 2020/2021. RFA forms may be obtained at the following locations:-

1. The County Council Offices, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny.
2. Your Local Area Council Office.
3. Your Local Library.
4. Your local Post Office.


The new updated RFA form now incorporates a box for your Eircode.

RFA Form for Registration RFA - Application for Registration.pdf (size 159.1 KB)

Postal Voters Application PV1 Postal Voters.pdf (size 172.4 KB)

Special Voters Application SV 1 - Special Voters.pdf (size 129.1 KB)

The forms are also available on

All enquiries regarding the Register of Electors should be made to:-

Kilkenny County Council,
Franchise Section,
County Hall,
John Street,

Tel: 056 7794070

For further assistance, contact 056 7794070 or email

Remember, you cannot vote if you are not on the register.

Data Protection

Data Privacy Statement for the Register of Electors.pdf (size 214.9 KB)

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