Part VIII Proposal for Loughmacask Link Road is approved at Special Meeting of Kilkenny County Council

After a significant discussion, debate and consultation the Elected Members of Kilkenny County today approved the recommendation from the Chief Executive, Colette Byrne for the Loughmacask Link Road.  This will provide a connection from the Freshford Road to Loughmacask and facilitate the much needed delivery of a new school for the CBS Secondary, which is currently the subject of a live planning application. Questions raised by Members during the process included:

  • Impact of future road infrastructure on link road
  • Impact of future Housing / planning applications for link road
  • Requirement for water and waste water infrastructure
  • Number of students to be accommodated
  • Cost to Kilkenny County Council
  • Additional traffic concerns for Freshford Road – already congested
  • Possibility of access from Talbots Court to Dunningstown Road
  • Is there any other viable access
  • HGV’s, Busses etc.
  • Due diligence by school – land-locked site
  • School planning application – traffic impact assessment done during COVID
  • Existing schools in area – Active travel, difficulties walking / cycling to site
  • Progressing link roads:
    Kilmanagh to Freshford Road
    Kilmanagh Road to Dean Street
    Northern Ring Road Extension
  • Reference to ABP decision on CAS 3 and CAS 2 in relation to current Part 8
  • Proximity of pedestrian crossing to Talbots Gate
  • Referral to ABP for determination – European Site

Loughmacask is located to the Northwest of Kilkenny City and is within walking distance of the City core.  The neighbourhood, approximately 114.8 hectares in area, comprises lands zoned for development between the Breagagh River and the Freshford Road.  It is adjacent to existing neighbourhoods and has had some development over the last 15 years.   This development consists of:

  • The construction of the Loughmacask Link Road, approximately 400m long, from the Freshford Road at Talbotsinch, to the west side of the Dunningstown Road at Lousybush.
  • Construction of a new roundabout at the junction of the Loughmacask Link Road and the Freshford Road at Talbotsinch.
  • Provision of footpaths and cycle-tracks on both side of the Loughmacask Link Road from its junction with the Freshford road at Talbotsinch, to the west side of the Dunningstown Road at Lousybush.
  • Provision of two raised pedestrian crossings, one adjacent to the entrance to Talbot’s Gate Housing Estate, and the second at the junction of the new road and the Dunningstown Road.
  • Construction of two revised junctions on the Loughmacask Link Road to serve Talbot’s Gate and Talbot’s Court Housing Estate

Tim Butler, Director of Services, commented “Key to the development is the focus on walking and cycling.  The introduction of raised pedestrian crossings and raised signalled junction at the Dunningstown Road which will serve to encourage walking and cycling and provide greater permeability within the area.  Active travel is a strategic priority for Kilkenny County Council and we recently secured significant funding from the National Transport Authority for active travel works and for staff to progress schemes throughout the City and County.”

To note: During the Part 8 process An Bord Pleanála received a request under Article 250(3) of the Planning & Development Regulations 2001, as amended, requiring the preparation of a Natura Impact Statement for this development. ABP will make a determination on this request by 23rd September 2021.  No development will take place in advance of this determination.

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