Press Release - Local Bicycle Project for Ukrainian Families Set to Roll

Donated bicycles serviced providing a pool of communal bicycles for our new residents to explore their new neighbourhoods.   

Press Release:  Local Bicycle Project for Ukrainian Families Set to Roll

Kilkenny Men's Shed

As Ukrainian Refugees continue to come to Kilkenny and settle into their new accommodation, their needs are being considered and one solution to transport is being addressed by a community collaboration.  Donated bicycles are being serviced in order to provide a pool of communal bicycles to allow our new residents to explore their new neighbourhoods.   

Anne Marie Shortall, Senior Executive Officer with the Environment Section said “The Council’s Waste Prevention Team identified how it could assist with providing transport to our new residents and with our linkages with Kilkenny Leader Partnership and the Kilkenny City Mens Shed we put a scheme together to start getting old bicycles back into circulation.   This ties in with the City’s Mobility Strategy and as we have partnered with our Cycling Officer, Catriona Corr, on other projects this year, this community collaboration is a welcome addition to our Waste Prevention Programme”.

Mayor of Kilkenny Municipal District, Councillor Andrew McGuinness, met with the project members on Tuesday at the Kilkenny City Mens Shed and said “I am hugely proud and supportive of this initiative and it is inspiring to see the warm welcome that our new Kilkenny residents are receiving as they go through such a difficult time.  Well done to all involved.”

The Kilkenny Mens Shed kindly donated 10 bicycles which were already serviced and they have accepted another 10 bicycles to complete repairs and servicing to add to the growing pool of bicycles.  The Council is also working through a number of requests received for bicycles from local communities who are hosting Ukrainian families.  Over the coming weeks, the Environment Section will work as a bicycle matchmaker pairing up donation offers with requests from newly settled Ukrainian families.   Caitriona Corr, Cycling Officer said "Bicycles can provide the first form of transport for people to carry out their essential journeys around the City.  It may also help these families to get to know their new community and neighbours”.

Kilkenny County Council’s Civil Defence Team, who are currently heavily involved with the Ukrainian Settlement Programme, have been supportive of the project offering their time to transport and deliver bikes to the identified communal hubs by the Community Development Officers with County Kilkenny LEADER Partnership.

Kilkenny County Council’s Waste Prevention Programme will soon advertise its community funding opportunity, allowing communities to explore their own waste prevention ideas.  One such idea last year by Callan Tidy Towns related to the collection of graveyard wreaths to make them available for reuse by creating a special stand in collaboration with the Men Shed in Callan.  This idea is now being rolled out in other graveyards across the County and is a shining example of how communities can find solutions and create local opportunities.   For more information on this grant, go to the Councils' grant portal page on  

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