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Creative Ireland is a culture-based programme which connects people, creativity and individual and national wellbeing. Established in 2017, Creative Ireland stemmed from the successful Ireland 2016. The Programme drew inspiration from the extraordinary public response to the Centenary and the thousands of largely culture-based events exploring identity, community, culture, heritage and citizenship.

Creative Ireland’s priority is to inspire and transform people, places and communities through creativity. The Creative Kilkenny team are committed to ensure opportunities are available for people and communities to achieve their creative potential. This year we are also welcoming projects which improve climate literacy, and/ or active engagement on climate action in the community through creativity.


Carys Kennedy attending Family Roots organised by Se7en Inch Collective. This event was funded by the 2022 Kilkenny Creative Ireland Programme. 

Download Kilkenny County Council’s Culture and Creativity Strategy 2023-2027 here.


       Kilkenny Creative Ireland Programme 2023

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       Kilkenny Culture and Creativity Strategy 2018-2022

Download Kilkenny County Council’s Culture and Creativity Strategy 2018-2022 here.

Kilkenny County Council adopted a Cultural Strategy for the period 2018 to 2022 which was an Integrated Strategic Plan for the delivery of the Arts, Heritage and Library Services of Kilkenny County Council. This plan represented the desire for a more joined up approach to engagement and consultation, with clear linkages to national policies like Culture 2025 and the Creative Ireland Programme and an emphasis on practitioner support in our creative county.


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