Night Time Economy

The Night Time Economy refers to the diverse social, cultural and economic activity occurring during specified evening and night time hours. It balances the needs of the inter related communities that co-exist to bring it to life and create a special sense of shared place.

Following the publication of the NTE Taskforce Report, Kilkenny City was successful in being designated by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media as one of nine pilot towns and cities in the country that will prepare and implement an action plan setting out a range of interventions to support the coordinated development of our night time economy. A Night Time Economy Advisor was appointed in October 2023 and a dedicated stakeholder forum representing cross business sector and community interests has been formed to oversee and implement the plan.

The Night Time Economy Action Plan for Kilkenny City was formally launched on the 30th April.  The overall vision for the plan is to: 

“Develop Kilkenny City as the foremost evening and night time destination in Ireland for residents and visitors which offers a sustainable, vibrant, cultural and diverse experience’’

The development of the action plan has been informed by research through dedicated business and public surveys, meetings and workshops with our key stakeholders, the formation of a night time economy cross departmental working group within Kilkenny County Council and regular engagement with our dedicated night time economy stakeholder forum.

During our consultation phase, it became evident to us that there were a number of similar themes emerging that related to the night time economy. In identifying four key pillar areas under the Night Time Economy for Kilkenny City, we can focus on a number of deliverable actions that can be impactful within the timeframe of the pilot. The four key pillars are:


  1. Placemaking, Mobility & Accessibility
  2. Safety & Security
  3. Evening & Night Time Activity
  4. Marketing and Promotion


Under these pillars there are 24 actions for enhancing our night time economy that can be achieved within the two-year pilot period.

Kilkenny City Night Time Economy Action Plan

Kilkenny City Night Time Economy Action Plan Irish

Check back in here for regular updates on the development and implementation of the Kilkenny City Night Time Economy Pilot Action Plan 2024-2025

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