Household Waste Disposal in County Kilkenny

County Kilkenny Waste Management Bye-Laws

Effective since January 2019, the Waste Management Bye-laws place obligations on waste producers in households and commercial premises regarding the storage, presentation, segregation of waste, contamination prevention and demonstration of proof that their waste is disposed of appropriately.

The Council’s Waste Enforcement Team is continually checking to determine if households are compliant with the waste bye laws.  Due to Covid, checks are being carried out via postal notification with householders being requested to complete an online survey.  Failure to comply with this information request can lead to a fine.

What are the waste streams I am required to segregate my household waste into?

At a minimum you are required to segregate your household waste into the following waste streams:

  • o (a) Glass bottles & jars – Bottle Banks
  • o (b) Recyclables- Recycling Bin: View the list at  
  • o (d) Residual Waste/Dirty Rubbish - Landfill Bin.

If you live in an area with a population greater than 500, you are obliged to segregate your food and garden waste by presenting it for kerbside collection, in a home composting system or presenting it at a permitted recycling centre.  Note; keep receipts if using a recycling centre is dispose of household waste, as these may be requested if your household is contacted by the waste enforcement team under the Waste Management Bye-Laws compliance checks.

Waste collectors are required to provide information to their customers on what goes into which bin. is an excellent resource if you have questions about how to dispose of certain items.


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