Vacant Houses: Repair & Leasing and Buy & Renew Schemes

Repair and Leasing Scheme for Vacant Houses banner, the online platform for reporting all vacant homes in Ireland in order to bring them back into use, recently launched its newly enhanced website.

The platform allows members of the public to report any vacant homes - or suspected vacant homes - in their areas. Users have registered 3,000 vacant properties on the platform to date. Of these, almost 300 unused properties have already been brought back into use or are currently being renovated for occupation.

The Census 2016 data identified 183,312 vacant homes, not including 62,148 vacant holiday homes in Ireland, and a more recent GeoDirectory report estimates the empty stock at 96,243. Significantly, more than 90% of the properties registered on the platform are houses. In County Kilkenny, there are an estimated 250 vacant properties. is a nationwide initiative and each of the 31 local authorities across Ireland has appointed a Vacant Home Officer (VHO) to deal with vacant homes registered or identified in their local areas. The team works with the VHOs in advising members of the local community on options to bring properties back to the market and provide much-needed housing.

Press Release

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