Repair and Leasing Scheme for Vacant Houses

Repair & Leasing Scheme for Vacant Houses

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OPTION 1 Repair and Leasing Scheme for Vacant Houses

Financial Support available to bring your property up to minimum private rented standards

A key component of the Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan for Housing & Homelessness is the Repair & Leasing Scheme which was rolled out nationally in March 2017.

The Scheme targets owners of vacant properties as a possible source of social housing and provides funding to support necessary repairs to vacant properties and also provides the property owners with an income stream that may, otherwise, by unavailable.

A review of the scheme has been undertaken by the Dept of Housing Planning Community and Local Government wherein improvements to the Scheme have been made to improve uptake of the scheme. The following changes will be implemented and took effect from 1st February 2018;

Extension of the Scheme to Rental Availability Arrangements
The type of lease agreement permitted under the scheme will now be extended to include Rental Availability Arrangements (also known as RAAs or RAS type arrangement). As such a property owner under RLS may now choose whether to enter into
(a) A direct lease arrangement, or
(b) A Rental Availability Arrangement with a local authority. This operation will appeal to owners who want a shorter lease term and are prepared to take on landlord responsibilities in return for the additional 12% in rent compared to the rental rates for direct leases (i.e 92% compared to 80%)
Reduction in the minimum lease term from 10 to 5 years
The minimum lease term required under RLS has been reduced from 10 to 5 years.

Additional funding permitted where the property is a former bedsit
Where the vacant property being brought into the scheme is a 'bedsit' type dwelling being brought into line with the Standards for Rented Houses Regulations, approval may be sought from the Department to increase the funding available from the current limit of €40,000 (incl. VAT) to €50,000 (incl. VAT) to €50,000 (incl. VAT).

Extension of the RLS Scheme to unfinished properties in limited circumstances
Local authorities may now use RLS funding where applications are made in respect of new, vacant (for minimum 12 months) but unfinished dwellings.

Apportionment of funds between one or more dwellings.
Where a property owner is bringing more than one dwelling into the scheme, the funds available i.e. €40,000 (incl. VAT) per dwelling, may be apportioned between a number of dwellings once total funding for all dwellings doesn't exceed €40,000 per dwelling.

OPTION 2 Buy and Renew Scheme

This initiative, which complements the Repair & Leasing Scheme, is also designed to assist local authorities and AHBs (approved housing bodies) to unlock accommodation potential that exists in certain vacant properties for social housing use. As with the Repair & Leasing Scheme, the use of the Buy & Renew Scheme is subject to the suitability of the property for social housing, the condition of the property and the cost of remedial works.
The Buy and Renew Scheme will focus on older stock in urban areas with a view to tackling dereliction and improving streetscapes.
If you are interested in selling your property, please complete an Expression of Interest Form. An assessment will take place based on the information supplied. Please note the importance of completing each question. A member of the team will contact you should your property be suitable.
If you are aware of a property that has been vacant for over 12 months, even if you are not the owner, please send details of the property to:
- Please contact Kilkenny County Council Housing Section for further details at
056 7794976/056 7794962 or

- Email your query or completed Expression of Interest Form to


- A Frequently Asked Questions documentand Expressions of Interest Forms

Buy & Renew Expression of Interest form

Repair and Leasing Expression of Interest form.

- Alternatively you may return a completed Expression of Interest Form to;
Kilkenny County Council,
Housing Department,
Repair & Leasing Scheme or Buy & Renew Scheme,
John's Green House,
John's Green,
Kilkenny. R95 CX92




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