Kilkenny County Council Road Traffic Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2017


In accordance with Section 9 of the Road Traffic Act 2004, and in the interests of road safety, Kilkenny County Council has made Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws, effective from 31st March 2017 in respect of various towns and villages throughout County Kilkenny.

The Bye-Laws are necessary as a consequence of the growth of the towns and villages in Kilkenny, along with a directive from The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport to all Local Authorities and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formerly National Roads Authority) to carry out a review and update speed limits across the country in accordance with a set of guidelines for setting and managing speed limits in Ireland which were published and issued by the Department in March 2015. The guidelines set out to provide guidance and consistency to all Local Authorities in making of bye-laws in relation to the setting and management of speed limits.

The purpose of the Bye-Laws is to provide special speed limits of 100km/h, 80km/h, 60km/h, 50km/h and 30km/h on the sections of roads specified in the second to seventh Schedule of the Bye-Laws in the interest of prudent traffic management and road safety.

The bye-laws include the following amendments but not limited to the previously adopted special speed limit bye-laws:

- Introduction of a new 30kph slow zone in Housing estates.
- Extension to the existing 30kph speed zone in Kilkenny City.
- Extensions and introduction of new 30kph, 50kph, 60kph, 80kph and 100kph speed limits to various local and national roads in Kilkenny.
- Various bye-law terminology revisions on foot of legal experience in the period since the last bye-law review.
- Amendments to the bye-law schedules. Schedules are now listed as follows:

Schedule 1 20kph Schedule 5 60kph
Schedule 2 30kph Schedule 6 80kph
Schedule 3 40kph Schedule 7 100kph
Schedule 4 50kph Schedule 8 120kph

A copy of the Bye-laws is available to download or may be inspected at the offices of Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny between the hours 09.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. A copy of the Bye-laws can be obtained on request on payment of a fee of €5.00.

Download Kilkenny County Council Resolution - Road Traffic Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2017

Download Kilkenny County Council Road Traffic Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2017.pdf (size 11.7 MB)

Signed: Tim Butler, Director of Services
Corporate, HR, Roads & Transportation, Water Services, Health & Safety & Communications

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