Community Recognition Fund

The Department of Rural & Community Development has announced details of a €50 million fund to support the development of community infrastructure and facilities in recognition of the contribution of communities in hosting new arrivals in the country in response to the Ukraine crisis. This fund has been allocated to Local Authorities based on the numbers of new arrivals located there. Kilkenny County Council has received an allocation of €948,063.

The terms of the fund are set out in the Department’s Scheme outline below; 

Community Recognition Fund 2023 (

The Fund forms part of the Government’s “Our Rural Future” strategy. It is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and administered by local authorities.

The funding is to be targeted at those communities, villages and towns where the highest levels of New Arrivals are located.

Eligible Projects

Projects to be funded will be capital in nature, deliver tangible benefits for the communities in which they are located, and be capable of being delivered over the course of 2023 and 2024. Eligible projects may receive funding for capital costs, but not for any ongoing operational or running costs. The type of projects eligible for funding include:

  • development, enhancement or refurbishment of community or cultural facilities including play areas, walkways, parks, community/sensory gardens including communication boards, allotments, and recreational areas;
  • development, enhancement or refurbishment of local club and sports facilities including facilities such as community swimming pools, changing rooms, toilets, digital aids such as score / information boards etc.;
  • enhancement to school/parish facilities which are open to use by all of the community after school hours;
  • purchase of equipment for local clubs, festivals, community events and organisations e.g. music, arts or sports equipment;
  • transport infrastructure such as the purchase of community vehicles, bus shelters and attendant information boards; and
  • purchase and refurbishment of buildings and/or the purchase of land for the development of community facilities such as play areas/ MUGAs or town parks/ community gardens, recreational areas etc. for community use where a clear need is identified.

Assessment of Project

The assessment and approval of projects will have regard to a number of factors including:

  • Compliance with the terms outlined in Community Recognition Fund Scheme Outline;
  • Alignment with the Kilkenny County Development Plan and the Kilkenny County Local Economic and Community Plan;
  • Ability to complete the project within the timelines prescribed in the Scheme Outline i.e. minimum 60% drawdown of funding in 2023 and 100% drawdown by 2024;
  • All appropriate financial, public procurement and accounting rules and regulations must be complied with (Refer also to Section M – Funding Conditions of Scheme Outline);
  • Confirmation that the funding has not been used as a co-funding source for other Government Departments’ Schemes;
  • Proposals must demonstrate close collaboration with communities and business interests in the design and delivery of the proposed projects;
  • The range, mix, quality and impact of proposed projects, having regard to the available funding;
  • Other relevant considerations;

 For further information, contact Fiona Deegan, Ukrainian Response Unit – 086 4114935

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