Advice to Group Water Schemes on COVID-19 coronavirus

National Federation for Group Water Schemes Advice

National Federation for Group Water Schemes advice note entitled 'NFGWS advice to group water schemes in light of the continuing spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.

COVID-19 Advice Note 1

This purpose of this advice note is to:

  • Provide guidance on contingency planning for GWSs to ensure the continuity of supply and prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus through community transmission,
  • Highlight that traditional water treatment methods which utilise filtration and disinfection should inactivate COVID-19 virus.

Download - NFGWS Advice Note on Covid-19 and GWSs 10-03-2020.pdf (size 756.4 KB)

COVID-19 Advice Note 2

The purpose of this second advice note is to provide further advice and guidance to group scheme boards and management on, for during the COVID-19 outbreak, two issues:

  • Operational management; and
  • Financial management.

Download - NFGWS GWS Advice Note 2 on Covid -19 20-03-2020.pdf (size 111 KB)


World Health Organisation guidance

Technical Brief summarising World Health Organisation guidance on water, sanitation which is relevant for viruses (including coronaviruses).
This technical brief is written in particular for water and sanitation practitioners and providers.

HSE Advice

Advice note by the HSE on COVID-19 in chlorinated drinking water supplies.

Any questions can be directed to the the Rural water unit at

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