Role of Elected Council

Description of the Roles and Responsibilities of the elected members of Kilkenny County Council

Role of Elected Council

Kilkenny County Council comprises of 24 Elected Members -6 from each of the Electoral areas, Castlecomer, Kilkenny City East, Kilkenny City West & Piltown

The Elected Council is supported by Chief Executive and staff.

The Elected Members perform a policy role in that they, by resolution, determine the policy of the Council subject to and in accordance with the Local Government Act 2001 and any other enactments relating to Kilkenny County Council.

The Elected Members perform functions known as reserved functions such as decisions on Policy, deciding on Annual budgets, approve programmes of Capital funded works, adopting the Annual Financial Statement, adopting the County Development Plan, Local Area Plans & strategies, appointment of Chief Executive, planning consents for certain works, allocation of funding for grant schemes and other schemes of assistance. A comprehensive listing of the functions reserved to Elected Members at Council and Municipal District levels is outlined in Sections 131, 131 A & 131B of the Local Government Act 2001.

Elected Members also play an important representational role in that they represent the needs of the electorate of Kilkenny City, County & beyond

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