Role of the Audit Committee

Role & Information on the Audit Committee Details of membership of committee


The Audit committee is a statutory sub-committee of the Council. It is set up under The Local Government Reform Act 2014 and SI 244/2014. It produces an annual report for the Council regarding its work and the management controls of the Council. It meets the Chief Executive & Head of Finance at least once every year and meets the Local Government Auditor every year. It considers financial reports at every meeting.

The Audit Committee, under Statutory Instrument 244 of 2014, have a duty to review with management and the internal auditor the charter, activities, staffing and organisational structure of the internal audit function, its compliance with relevant professional standards and bring any recommendations to the attention of the Chief Executive. The Audit Committee must approve the audit plan and monitor its implementation, review audit reports, findings and recommendations and management responses. This oversight by the Audit Committee adds further weight to the Corporate Governance function of Internal Audit.

Members of the committee are as follows:

Sean Brady (Chair)
Cllr. Fidelis Doherty
Maura Joyce
Cllr. Andrew McGuinness
Joe Allen



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