Information Systems

The Information Systems (I.S.) Department provides technical services for Kilkenny County Council’s information communications technology (ICT) needs.

The I.S. Department aims to provides all the technical infrastructure, including hardware, software and applications to enable Kilkenny County Council to effectively provide public services and meet public information requirements.

The Information Systems Department provides the following functions:

  • Provides a secure and stable communications and network infrastructure for the organisation.
  • Provides technical support and advice to the 24 Elected Members, the public users of our ICT systems, Council staff and to related organisations.
  • Manages and supports Enterprise Systems alongside more specialised Line of Business applications for the different service areas and departments.
  • Develops and maintains the County Council’s websites and online services.
  • Develops, customises and configures software to meet Kilkenny County Council’s specific requirements.
  • Co-operates in the implementation of national and regional shared information technology projects.
  • Researches and advises on projects with an information systems element.
  • In consultation with management and staff creates and implements appropriate IT Policies procedures.
  • Ensures Kilkenny County Council conforms to all relevant data security and privacy legislation, and complies with software licensing obligations.


The IS Department has a staff of 10 and is organised into the following cross functional teams:

  • Desktop Support
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Intranet and Internet Systems
  • Network and Infrastructure
  • Geographical Information Systems
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