Disclosure Log Non-personal FOI Requests From 1st January 2016

Background to Disclosure Logs:

Guidelines issued to FOI Bodies, including Kilkenny County Council, provide that a Disclosure Log be made available on a Quarterly basis of requests made to it under the FOI Act 2014.

Kilkenny County Council is now providing its Disclosure Log from the start of 2016.
It gives details of Non-Personal FOI requests received, including:

  • The date of receipts of the Request.
  • Details of Request/Whether Request was withdrawn.
  • Category of Requester - Journalist, Client, Other -
  • Decision Type - Full Grant, Partial Grant or Full Refusal.
  • Date Decision was made.

The documents below is Kilkenny County Council's Disclosure Logs from 1st January 2016

Download - Disclosure Log Non-personal FOI Requests Kilkenny 2016.pdf (size 230.4 KB)

Download - Disclosure Log Non-personal FOI Requests Kilkenny 2017.pdf (size 105.6 KB)

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