Control of Horse Bye-Laws 2020

Kilkenny County Council adopted new Control of Horses Bye-Laws which will come into effect from 1st May 2021.

Horse owners as before, excepting in limited circumstances, will be required to have a licence to keep a horse. This is to control the number of horses and prevent them causing a nuisance, annoyance or injury to the public or damage to property.

The new Bye-laws also update the provisions on how horses should be kept, stabled and cared for and the procedure for seizure of horses where they are not under adequate control.

The main new provision in the revised Bye-laws is the introduction of horse exclusion zones in identified areas in the central core of Kilkenny City, as a public safety and animal welfare measure.

Download Control of Horse Bye-Laws 2020

Download Control of Horse Bye-Laws 2020 Exclusion Zone Map

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