Fire Safety Register

The Fire Safety Manager who is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the fire safety programme should keep a Fire Safety Register as a complete record of all fire safety matters on the premises.

The following information should be recorded in the register:

  • The name of the Fire Safety Manager, and those nominated to deputise for him/her.
  • The details of specific fire duties that have been assigned to staff.
  • The details of instruction and training given to staff, and by whom.
  • The date of each fire and evacuation drill and results of exercises held.
  • The type, number and location of fire protection equipment in the premises, including water supplies, hydrants etc..
  • The date of each inspection of the building itself, its fittings and services and the actions taken to remedy any defects found.
  • Details of all fire incidents and false alarms that occur and the actions taken as a result.

The register will serve as a record and also as a checklist for the Fire Safety Manager to ensure that checks and training which are required are being carried out on an ongoing basis.


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