British Standards

British Standards

BS 5588 SERIES Fire precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings

  • Part 1: 1990 Code of practice for residential buildings
  • Part 4: 1978 Code of practice for smoke control in protected escape routes using pressurisation
  • Part 6: 1991 Code of practice for places of assembly
  • Part 8: 1988Code of practice for means of escape for disabled people
  • Part 9: 1989Code of practice for ventilation and air conditioning ductwork
  • Part 10 1991Code of practice for shopping complexes
  • Part 11 1997 Code of Practice for shops, offices, industrial, storage and other similar buildings

BS 5906: 1980 (1987)Code of practice for storage and on-site treatment of solid waste from buildings

BS 5502:Part 23:1990 Buildings and Structures for Agriculture Part 23 Code of Practice for Fire Precautions

BS 5839 Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings

Part 1: 1988 Code of practice for system design, installation and servicing

Part 6: 1995 Code of practice for the design and installation of fire detection and alarm systems in dwellings


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