Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme 2016

The Tenant Incremental Purchase Scheme 2016 is a new scheme to let Local Authority Tenants buy their homes. Please click on links below to access Tenant information regarding same.

‘Please note the following changes to the eligibility criteria of the 2016 Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme which came into effect on the 1st February, 2022.

  • Time receiving social housing supports: The period of time tenants will be required to be in receipt of social housing support to be considered eligible under the scheme has been changed from one to 10 years.

  • Minimum income requirements: The minimum income required for an appliacant to be eligible to apply under the scheme has been revised downward from €15,000 p.a. to €12,500 p.a. This change will ensure persons whose pension is their primary source of income can now apply under the scheme. The change only applies to pensions – other social welfare payments may only be regarded as secondary income.’

Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme 2016 - English Version
Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme 2016 - Irish Version

Tenant-Inc-Purchase-Scheme-2016-Application-Form.pdf (size 169.2 KB)

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