Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme 2016

Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme 2016

(As Amended 29th January 2024)

The Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme 2016 allows Local Authority Tenants to purchase their own homes.

The Tenant Information Booklet sets out the eligibility criteria and general information on the scheme – see link below.

The Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme 2016 was revised on 29th January 2024.

The changes to the Scheme are as follows:

  • Minimum income requirements: The minimum income required for an applicant to be eligible to apply under the scheme has been revised from €12,500 to €11,000 per annum. (At least 50% of which must come from a reckonable primary source of income).

  • Primary Sources of Income: In addition to employment and the State Pension (Contributory and Non-Contributory) being considered as primary sources of income, the Widow’s, Widower’s, Surviving Civil Partner’s (Contributory and Non-Contributory Pension), Blind Pension, Invalidity Pension and Disability Allowance are now also considered primary sources of income.

  • Time receiving social housing supports: The period of time tenants will be required to be in receipt of social housing support to be considered eligible under the scheme remains at 10 consecutive years. However, in the case of joint tenancies only one tenant is now required to have been in receipt of social housing supports for 10 years.

  • Income included / not included as a secondary income for assessment

Changes have been made to income that can be considered and not considered as secondary income when assessing for discount 

Please see the Information Booklet and the Application Form below. 

Any queries in regard to the Tenant (Incremental) Purchase Scheme, as being amended 29th January, 2024 can be forwarded to housingloans@kilkennycoco.ie or alternatively you can call (056) 7794935

Information Handbook

Application Form

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