Site Suitability Assessment

Planning Applications - Panel of Site Suitability Assessors

Kilkenny County Council, as an assistance to those applying for planning permission, compiles a list of persons for the purposes of conducting Site Suitability Assessments in accordance with The Environmental Protection Agency's Code of Practice - Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems serving single houses. All Site Characterisation tests submitted to the Planning Section must have been carried out and completed in accordance with the above code of practice and by a competent person. The new code, new site characterisation form (which must be completed electronically) and frequently asked questions can be downloaded on the EPA website at the following links: Waste Water FAQ's | Waste Water Information on EPA Website

The service involved in site suitability assessment comprises of:

  • Percolation and water testing
  • Recommending suitable types of treatment systems and effluent disposal routes
  • Supervising installation of the proposed system
  • Design, testing and certification to ensure that the treatment system and percolation area/polishing filter are fit for purpose and comply with relevant standards/guidelines and conditions of planning.

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