Fines - Fixed Charge Notices

Fixed Charge Offence Notices (Parking Fines)

The Traffic Section of Kilkenny County Council processes all Fixed Charge Offence Notices (Traffic Fines) and is located at County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny.

You should always check the street signage when parking to avoid parking fines.

A Fixed Charge Offence is currently €40.00 for parking offences, €60.00 for non display of a current road fund licence (motor tax disc) and €150.00 for the parking of a vehicle in a disabled persons parking bay without displaying a valid disabled persons parking permit. On receipt of a Fixed Charge Offence a person may during a period of 28 days pay the fixed charge. If you do not pay the fixed charge during that period the fixed charge will be incremented by 50%. You may during the further period of 28 days pay the incremented amount. If the fine remains unpaid after this time the person may be prosecuted.

Payment for Fixed Charge Offences will be accepted at Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny- opening hours 9.10am to 1.00pm through lunch. Payment may also be made by post, online at, or by phone on 056-7794540.

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