Pay by Phone/App Parking in Kilkenny

Kilkenny County Council

Pay by Phone/App Parking in Kilkenny


Kilkenny County Council currently operates a Pay by Phone / App parking service available on up to 110 long stay, low tariff parking spaces in the city.

In partnership with ParkMagic, a company specialising in this service, the Pay by Phone/App Parking Payment service will be offered in Kilkenny in the new €1 per day/per visit zones. These are located at:

  • Jacob Street ( 5 spaces)
  • New Street ( 4 spaces)
  • Walkin Street ( 8 spaces)
  • Gaol Road ( 12 spaces)
  • Dominic Street ( 8 spaces)
  • Blackmill Street ( 8 spaces)
  • Greensbridge Street ( 3 spaces)
  • Vicar Street ( 12 spaces)
  • Wolfe Tone Street ( 14 spaces)
  • Ballybough Street ( 20 spaces)
  • Dublin Road ( 4 spaces)

*Please see the attached map for details and note that it is only a portion of each street which is set aside for this service.

Download - Parking Pay by Phone Locations Map Kilkenny.pdf (size 637.4 KB)

Before parking, drivers need to register with ParkMagic. This can be done by either:

  • Calling the ParkMagicCustomer Care number on 0818-220 107
  • Visiting
  • Or by downloading the free 'ParkMagic' Android / iOS App from the App stores.

Drivers will need their Mobile Phone Number and License Plate Number to avail of this service. Drivers must first deposit money into their ParkMagic account and then this is used to pay for parking. When the credit runs low the drivers can top up over the phone, on the ParkMagic website or by selecting auto top up on the phone/app.

Once registered, drivers pay to park as follows:

  • By phone, just call 0818-220 141, enter the zone number requested (the zone number is located on the parking signs) and wait for the system to confirm your payment!
  • By App just select Kilkenny and then select the Zone from the drop down list. Tap on pay and you're good to go!

Each Street has its own Zone Number. This is to facilitate the Wardens who will be able to monitor compliance from their Smart Phones.
The Wardens simply enter the Zone Number and an instant display of paid Registration Numbers will appear on their screen.

The Designated Zones will be easily identified with a Red Line around the area and 'Park by Phone' printed on the roadway.
Statutory signage including Zone Numbers and contact details for registration will be erected at both extremities of each zone.

Features and benefits of using Pay by Phone/App are:

  • If you are a regular parker and need receipts they are available on line.
  • No necessity for coins
  • The P&D Machines can be removed and used as back up in busier areas.

The partnership with Park Magic also allows for use of the Park Magic Services in other locations

  • Cork, Limerick and Ennis; however you will need to display a ParkMagic barcode windscreen sticker which can be ordered (for free) by phone or online.
  • You can add a TollTag to the same account and pay your tolls nationwide from your ParkMagic account.
  • You can pre-book airport and city parking in selected locations across Ireland and the UK.

In the event of difficulty the details for ParkMagic are:


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