Emerging Curator Development Programme 2021 Call Out

Emerging Curator Development Programme 2021 Call Out


Kilkenny County Council Arts Office invites applications from Emerging Curators for their 2022 Emerging Curator Development Programme (ECDP). The Arts Office initiated this programme in 2019, to support emerging curators in developing and progressing their skills, experience and ultimately their careers.

The successful applicant will :

  •  gain experience and professional development in curating and managing exhibitions / projects
  • develop and expand their networks and relationships across the arts and culture sector
  • participate in the artistic programming of the city and county of Kilkenny showcasing the works of contemporary artists
  • further enhance the arts and cultural offer in Kilkenny to local and national audiences alike
  • benefit from working alongside a long-established Arts Department within Kilkenny County Council, benefitting from the years of experience and expertise of the Arts Officer and her staff
  • be mentored by Kate Strain, a visual arts curator with over ten years of experience curating, commissioning, producing, mediating and presenting contemporary art. 


  • Curate and deliver up to three exhibitions / projects across an agreed period of time
  • Manage the budget and provide regular updates to the Arts Officer
  • Manage the artists in regards to Local Authority set up and invoicing
  • Work with the Arts Office and their mentor to realise these exhibitions / projects
  • Research and engage the artists to be a part of the exhibitions/ projects and be responsible for the logistics for each Produce press material and social media content for each exhibition/project in a timely manner
  • Manage the Arts Office Instagram account for the duration of the programme
  • Write and upload regular blog updates, see http://kilkennyartsoffice.ie/
  • Work with the artists to write the all texts for the exhibitions / projects when relevant
  • Work closely with the Arts Office to manage all aspects of the exhibitions / projects working within the constraints of the space(s) they work in
  • The exhibitions / projects must impact and benefit artists and /or communities in Kilkenny o This can include communities of place, historical /environmental/social aspects of Kilkenny or a specific demographic.
    1. Projects may also include an international context and / or feature new ways of working reflecting the current global pandemic.
    2. All projects can feature a solo practitioner and
    3. One exhibition / project must feature an emerging Kilkenny artist at its core
  • The programme must include a minimum of one audience development / engagement initiative per exhibition / project. The Emerging Curator will utilise the existing networks and contacts of the Arts Office to support the realisation of these associated events, they will also endeavour to forge new relationships.
  • The curator must be cognisant of working inclusively when organising such initiatives, taking local groups, new communities, young people and diversity into consideration
  • Provide a final report and complete the Arts Office ‘pre’ and ‘post’ programme evaluation form.
  • Meet all project deadlines provided by the Arts Office and any media outlets.

*NB for 2022 the exhibitions / projects will not necessarily be delivered or presented in a traditional gallery space, but instead may be curated for alternative sites and spaces where possible. This can also include online space and sites county wide where available.

The successful candidate will receive

  • A curatorial fee of €6,300
  • Exhibition / project budget
  • Curatorial support, including mentoring
  • Technical and installation advice and support
  • Logistical support

How to apply:

  • Maximum 500-word statement / letter of interest outlining your curatorial rationale / approach and how your programming will : benefit Kilkenny artists , benefit Kilkenny and its creative sector and wider community and engage with and build audiences
  • 250 words statement outlining o how the opportunity would benefit their own career path as an emerging curator
  • Up to date CV Max two pages, please include details / images of previously curated project and / or exhibitions
  • Two professional referees
  • Applications will be accepted by email in PDF format only
  • The file must not exceed 10MB
  • Please send completed application to: deirdre.southey@kilkennycoco.ie
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt for your application. If you do not receive this e mail within 24 hours of the deadline, please contact the Arts Office on 056 779 4547


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