Christmas Candle Care

Christmas time can bring with it increased risk of fire tragedy. In order to have a fire safe Christmas please remember the following advice:

  • Have your chimney cleaned before the holiday season.
  • Check Christmas lights for damage, replace bulbs only with the correct type and don't overload sockets.
  • Use a non-shedding Christmas tree, stand it in damp sand and ensure that it will not tip over. Keep Christmas trees away from open fires or heaters.
  • Use a fire guard at all times, do not throw wrapping paper on the fire and do not hang cards or decorations over the fireplace.
  • Never leave lighted candles unattended and never place them close to curtains or to combustible decorations.
  • Toys which are powered from the mains should be fitted with a safety plug by a competent adult.
  • Unplug Christmas tree lights when you are leaving the house.
  • And remember - last thing at night:
    • Unplug lights and other electrical equipment
    • Put a spark guard in front of the fire
    • Check for any smouldering cigarette ends in furniture
    • Close all room doors
    • Check your smoke alarm NOW.

A smoke alarm is always a welcome gift.

Remember, the risk of fire outbreak is greater at Christmas than at any other time of the year.

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