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Grants 2022 List

Amenity Grants

The scheme is intended to improve outdoor community facilities for the protection or improvement/enhancement of natural or manmade amenities. e.g. grass cutting, purchase of lawnmowers, tree & flower planting

Anti-Litter and Anti-Graffiti Community Grant

Projects that support community groups/organisations to combat litter and graffiti issues in their local community.

Arts Act Grants

Any organisation or individual based in the Kilkenny administrative area involved in activities, which promote, develop the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts is eligible to apply for the Arts Act Grant.

Other Arts Grants

Better Energy Communities 2022

Better Energy Communities is a national retrofit initiative managed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). BEC grant aims to deliver energy saving projects to communities and private sector organisations. Under the BEC programme, up to 50% funding is available for some non-commercial community projects and up to 30% funding is available for organisations, SMEs and commercial buildings

Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2022

The aim of the Built Heritage Investment Scheme is to investment in a significant number of small-scale, labour intensive conservation projects throughout the county and to support the employment of conservation professionals, craftspeople and tradespersons in the repair of the historic built environment.

CLÁR Programme

The CLÁR scheme is a targeted investment programme towards identified CLAR areas in County Kilkenny. The aim of CLÁR is to support the sustainable development of identified CLÁR areas with the aim of attracting people to live and work there. Application form and further particulars may be downloaded from the link below or contact the Community Department 056-7794931. Closing date is 4 pm 20th April, 2022

CLAR Grant Scheme 2022

Commercial Premises Paint Scheme

Assist with the cost of painting the front façade of buildings and traditional signage throughout the county.

Community Environment Action Fund

Environmental projects that promote sustainable development at a local level e.g. circular economy, climate change & biodiversity.

Community & Cultural Facilities Capital Scheme

The overall objective of this scheme is to respond to the need for better community, recreational and cultural facilities for community groups through the provision of a capital grant. The scheme is open to groups operating within the Community Sector who have a recognised legal structure, operate on a ‘not for profit’ basis, demonstrate a policy of inclusion and demonstrate the capacity to manage and operate the proposed facilities.

Community Enhancement Programme

Grants will be provided towards capital projects and equipment to enhance facilities across the County. The scheme does not provide funding for the employment of staf

Email for more details.


Community Events Grant Scheme

his grant scheme will assist community event organisers with the development promotion and the running of small scale community events in Kilkenny during 2022. The emphasis of the scheme is on providing funding for Community Events/ Development with a focus on local engagement. For further details on the Community Events Grant Scheme criteria

 Please contact,, or phone 056-7794931.

Community/Local Heritage Grants 2022

Details of this grant scheme will be announced by the Heritage Council in January 2022.

Contact; The Heritage Council, Kilkenny Email.

Community Monuments Fund 2022

This grant scheme is for the conservation, maintenance, protection and promotion of archaeological monuments. It recognises the need to build resilience in our monuments to enable them to withstand the effects of climate change. Funding is available in three streams.

Community Water Development Fund

Groups may apply for capital funding for works to include River Restoration Works, Silt Trapping, Pollution Management, Invasive species, Creation of habitat (full list of capital works available on Creating Public Awareness through community led surveys, booklets, information session, signage etc. Enhancing a public area i.e. picnic area, river walk etc

Application Form and Guidance Notes in respect of the Community Water Development Fund 2021 are available to download at or by contacting the Waters and Communities Office at 0761 06 5260 or

Creative Ireland & Cruinniú na nÓg Grant Scheme 2022

The aim of the scheme is to provide financial support to local and community groups and individuals, artistic and creative practitioners, and those involved in creative, cultural and heritage activities and projects, in order to encourage cultural participation throughout Kilkenny, and support the delivery of the Creative Ireland Kilkenny Culture & Creativity Strategy 2018-2022.   This scheme also includes funding for projects which will help deliver the Cruinniú na nÓg programme in Kilkenny. Cruinniú na nÓg (June 2022) is the national day of free creative activity for children and young people up to 18 years of age, and is part of the national Creative Ireland Programme.

Applications are invited for Kilkenny County Council’s Creative Ireland & Cruinniú na nÓg Grant Scheme 2022. The main purpose of the scheme is to provide financial support to local and community groups and individuals, artistic and creative practitioners, event organisers and those involved in creative, cultural and heritage activities and projects, in order to encourage cultural participation throughout Kilkenny, and support the delivery of the Creative Ireland Kilkenny Culture & Creativity Strategy 2018-2022. It supports the delivery of Pillar 2 of the national Creative Ireland Programme, i.e. “Enabling creativity in every community”.
This scheme also includes funding for projects which will help deliver the Cruinniú na nÓg programme in Kilkenny. Cruinniú na nÓg (June 11th 2022) is the national day of free creative activity for children and young people up to 18 years of age, and is part of the national Creative Ireland Programme.

This grant scheme is supported by the national Creative Ireland programme.

All initiatives and activities funded from this scheme must adhere to the public health guidance, laid down by the HSE and the Government, with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Application forms and details are available from the Community and Culture Section, Kilkenny County Council. Email:, Tel: 056-7794963, or can be downloaded at
Closing date for applications is Monday 4th April 2022 at 5.00pm
Projects must be completed by Friday 14th October 2022.

Decade of Centenaries Grant Scheme 2022

The aim of the scheme is to provide support to communities and individuals to develop projects that commemorate the Decade of Centenaries in County Kilkenny. Projects by artists and creatives which interpret and respond creatively to this period in Kilkenny will also be encouraged. The scheme encourages projects which recognise all of the dimensions of this period of conflict – the military activity, the political context, and social, economic and cultural aspects and legacies.

Contact; Heritage Office Tel. 056-7794925/0567794938 Email:

Estate Management Grant

Open to community committees in local authority estates to fund projects which promote estate management. To qualify for assistance under the Estate Management Grant Scheme, applications must be submitted on behalf of an established County Council residents association and proposed projects/activities must be deemed to promote the interests of estate management in the community. Selection process will include active assessment by Kilkenny County Council.

Contact Details; Kilkenny County Council Community Development Tel. 056-7794931 Email:

Festival Grants Scheme

Festival Supports Grants scheme 2022. Kilkenny County Council will provide funding for festival organisers to aid with the development and promotion of festivals with a significant tourism impact.

Contact; Tourism Dept Kilkenny County Council Tel. 056-7794097 Email:

Graveyard Grant Scheme

The Graveyard Grant Scheme aims to support community groups/organisations in the maintenance of graveyards and encourage best practice in graveyard management. Any recognised community group/organisation can apply.

Contact; Kilkenny County Council Environment Section Tel. 056-7794470


Heritage in Schools Programme

The Heritage in Schools programme provides a panel of Heritage Specialists who visit primary schools to teach children about their local heritage – from biodiversity to history and folklore. In 2022, the Heritage Council will offer a blended Heritage in Schools programme to primary schools, providing a mix of online and in-person visits. The Scheme will continue to promote hands-on, interactive learning and the outdoor classroom in 2022. Visits will be part-funded by schools and the Heritage Council.

Contact; Maria Walsh, Heritage in Schools Programme Manager, The Heritage Council Tel: 086 083 4685 Email:

Historic Structures Fund 2022

Total funding available nationally under the Historic Structures Fund in 2022 will be €4m. The primary focus of the Historic Structures Fund will be on conservation and enhancement of historic structures and buildings for the broader benefit of communities and the public.

Contact; Kilkenny County Council, Architectural Conservation Officer Tel. 056-7794010 Email:

Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership

1. Club Development Grant – designed to support clubs and volunteers to increase participation in sport and physical activity in Kilkenny. This fund aims to encourage the setup of new clubs and assist existing clubs to attract new participants.

2. Restart and Renewal Fund - designed to enable community groups and organisations to provide and sustain safe environments for the return to physical activity.

3. Women in Sport Support Fund - designed to enable clubs and organisations to develop programmes that specifically target and support women’s participation in sport.

4. Dormant Accounts Volunteer Support Fund – designed to enable clubs and organisations to increase the number of people of all ages playing a leadership role in developing sports and physical activity in their communities.

5. COVID 19 Small Grants Scheme 2022 – designed to support sports clubs and organisations experiencing additional financial challenges in providing and sustaining safe environments for the return to physical activity.

Contact; CSDO Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership 5 Dean Street, Kilkenny Tel. 056 7794991 Email:


Local Enterprise Office

Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny services to new and established businesses in county Kilkenny include: • Business Information, Signposting and Advice • Enterprise Developement Training including Start Your Own Business Courses • One to One Business Specific Mentoring • Business Expansion Services including Management Development Training and LEAN Business process programmes • Direct Financial Assistance* * Where eligibility criteria are met, the Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny offers a range of financial supports to assist the startup, and expansion of small businesses in the manufacturing and export services sectors: • Priming Grant (for business trading less than 18 months) • Business Expansion Grants (for businesses trading greater than 18 months) • Feasibility Study/Innovation Grants • Technical Assistance for Micro-Exporters • Microfinance Ireland Loan Scheme • Trading Online Voucher Scheme – aimed at micro-enterprises

Local Improvement Schemes (LIS)

The Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) provides funding to help local authorities carry out improvement works on private and non-publicly maintained roads. Often these roads lead to a number of homes, farms or fields in use, or to lakes, rivers and beaches.


Municipal District Castlecomer Castlecomer Area Office. Tel. 056-7794450

Municipal District Kilkenny City, City Hall. Tel. 056-7794290

Municipal District Callan/ Thomastown Callan Area Office Tel. 056-7755520 Thomastown Area Office Tel. 056-7793340

Municipal District Piltown, Ferrybank Area Office. Tel. 051-831370

National Home Retrofit Scheme 2022

National Home Retrofit Scheme is a new grant scheme designed to encourage achieving the All of Government Climate Action Plan home energy retrofit targets. 3cea’s One Stop Shop approach offers homeowners a complete home energy upgrade solution where a bespoke upgrade plan will be provided to help you achieve a warmer and more comfortable home.

Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme

The focus of the Scheme -The Scheme is part of the Government’s Action Plan for Rural Development and provides funding for the development of new outdoor recreational infrastructure. It also supports the maintenance, enhancement and promotion of existing outdoor recreational infrastructure in Ireland.

Contact;  Senior Executive Officer, Tourism Department, Kilkenny County Council, Economic Development and Tourism Tel. 056-7794103

Small Business Vacant Premises Incentive Scheme

The purpose of the ‘Small Business Vacant Premises Incentive Scheme’ is to give an incentive, to a start up business or a small business expanding, to occupy previously vacant commercial property. Entry costs are lowered through a grant related to the level of rates payable on the property (not exceeding €5000p.a.). The grant is based on a correlation to the business’s commercial rates paid on a reducing basis of 75%, 50% and 25%, over a three year period. This scheme will allow a business to receive up to €7500 over the three years of the scheme.

Streetscape Enhancement Measure 2022 (Callan)

Kilkenny County Council is pleased to announce the ‘Streetscape Enhancement Measure 2022. The Streetscape Enhancement Initiative will provide grants to property owners to improve street facades (either residential or commercial) and shopfronts in Callan.

Grant - Streetscape Enhancement Measure (Callan)

Town & Village Renewal

Successful proposals will demonstrate close collaboration between communities and business interests in the design and delivery of proposed projects and must have the support of the Local Authority.

Contact; Kilkenny County Council, Community Development Tel. 056-7794931



Traditional Farm Buildings Grant Scheme

Annual grant scheme for the conservation and repair of traditional farm buildings, and related structures, for farmers in GLAS (Green Low-Carbon Agri-environment Scheme). The grant is available for the conservation of traditional farm outbuildings, including roofs, walls, structural repairs, windows and doors, and also for other related farm structures including historic yard surfaces, walls, gate pillars and gates.


Waste Prevention Grant

Community projects that promote waste prevention, re-use or repair activities and/or workshops that assist in changing attitudes and behaviours about what we buy and what we throw away.

Contact; Bernadette Moloney Kilkenny County Council Environment Section Tel. 056-7794470 Email:








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