Castle Blunden, February 2005

At twelve minutes to four on the afternoon of Sunday 19th February 2006 Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service were called to a chimney fire incident Castle Blunden, Co. Kilkenny.

The fire fighters contained the initial chimney fire incident and proceeded to attack the fire from both the chimney and the grate. numerous MAIP extinguishers were utilised along with stirrup pump and chimney rods. Thermal imaging cameras were utilised to check the length of the chimney to identify any further hot spots, thus ensuring no re-ignition.

There were 11no. fire-fighters on site from Kilkenny City Fire Brigade in attendance with fire fighters from Freshford Fire Brigade on stand-to in Kilkenny City. There was 1 no. Fire engines, 1no. High Reach Platform and 1 no. 4WD. There was no reports of any injuries. The incident brought to a close at 20:00 hrs. Kilkenny City & County Rostered Senior Fire Officer on-scene was Killian John Hennessy.

Castle Blunden Fire 2005Firemen on the roof of Castle Blunden 2005
Firemen on the roof of Castle Blunden 2005Rear View of Castle Blunden

Photo(s) by KJ Hennessy, Kilkenny Fire & Rescue Service


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