Air Accident at Kilkenny Airfield, August 2006

At fourteen minutes to six on the afternoon of Monday 7th August 2006 Kilkenny Fire & Rescue Service were called to a Airplane Crash at Kilkenny Airfield, Tullaroan road, Co. Kilkenny.

The fire fighters assisted the Gardai, the Ambulance Service, the responding Care Doc on-site in locating the fallen aircraft and facilitating access. There was one fatality reported at the scene. The incident is being investigated by the Air Accident Investigation Unit (IAAU),

There were fire-fighters on site from Kilkenny City Fire Brigade in attendance with fire fighters from Freshford Fire Brigade on stand-to in Kilkenny City. There was 2 Fire engines, High Reach Platform and 1 4WD. The incident was brought to a close at 20:00 hrs. Kilkenny City & County Rostered Senior Fire Officer on-scene was Killian John Hennessy.


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